James Shaw – Commercial Real Estate

James Shaw – Commercial Real Estate

James Shaw Atlanta brand goes beyond his academic accolades at Northwestern University and his commercial real estate investments with Primestone Properties. His philanthropy is the aspect of him that the community sees and appreciates the most. One of James Shaw’s most recent media recognized philanthropic contributions was his donation to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, where he donated more than 30 acres of land for plant conservation purposes. Additionally, James Shaw is involved in the cigar orchid restoration project also through the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The restoration project is intended to increase the plant population of Florida’s cigar orchids following a decline in growth due to excessive harvesting in the plants native habitat. The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Emory University School of Medicine’s teaching site, and the Morehouse School of Medicine’s facility for pediatric physicians, are a few additional causes that James Shaw has made substantial contributions to as well. He is a known advocate of students having the proper materials and resources to have the best possible learning experiences. Therefore, other causes regarding enhancing education that James Shaw is passionate about donating to, include the Atlanta Public School System and also the Lovett School. Being an international traveler and well rounded individual, James Shaw supports careers in the arts and has made charitable contributions to the Atlanta Ballet also in order to assist with various needs. James Shaw is building a legacy through the work ethic that led him to Primestone Properties, his business acumen, and also his philanthropy.


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